Creating, reimagining & curating evocative spaces.
An innovative International multi-discipline architectural and design firm based in Bali, serving clients throughout Asia and the world. We create individualistic, conceptual, purposeful and sculptural architecture and design. We are seeking intrinsic, dynamic beauty and explore a mixture of linear and fluid movement to come together and create experiential magic.

We believe in setting the stage for an extraordinary life, starting with incredible living and working spaces. Great quality of life directly correlates to exceptional living and working habitats. Design should reflect personal lifestyle and expression as well as meet clear objectives set from the beginning of the project.

Elemental design is a paramount driving force-Focused on space and light, creating seamless spaces that move naturally between indoors and outdoors. Taking a cue from the symbiotic relationship between natural and manmade elements, finding balance in linear structure and organic shapes while keeping in mind environment, context and surroundings.

We employ both intuitive and analytical methods to achieve the most imaginative, creative and functional design. We establish a professional and collaborative rapport with our clients, with a committed and personalized approach for each project. Synergize to cultivate key ideas and expand on themes to reach best project direction. Look to meet agreed upon objectives and come in on committed timeline and budget.