Design Process

Architecture Design Process

Meet in person or by skype to get to know one another, to discuss possible project and priorities
The follwing items to be identified in this meeting
Identifyu the client(s) goals and brief and who will participate in the process
The site for the design and build with the details
Identify all pertineant areas in the design and have the client complete our survey
The timeframe for the project througfh each phase to be actualized in a finished set of drawings or building
Realistic budget for the project and finiacial discussion regarding the finances areound a build as this directly ompacts the build
Discuss desired communication expectations
Review of inspiration and ideas; best summarized by included visual aids (to include magazines, pinterest boards, etc)
Identify any requirments and potential hot issues or deadlines.
Recap of the meeting, whgat the client brief would be and decide on both parts if it is a fit to work on the project together.



Satge 2 Poasible
Hired to do a concept with a simple plan and so sketch up drawings
Review the inspiration boards, pull materials and ideas for th e
If interested tour some other properties with similar stuling or details for inspiration



Stage 3 Hired to do project
Site survey/ land survey to map land
Start with basic floor plan and elevations
Review drawings with clinet to receive approval for moving on to the next stage
Start in sketch up
Should time be of issue once the footprint is identified have the IMB drawings started
Work on the 3D drawings of the exterior