Alternative Building

Smart Home
The role of technology has had a developing impact in automating the home and control and monitor key functions of the home ,positively impacting your quality of life and often your utility costs.
For any design and project that is to include smart devices, the utilities and design require much more detail in the drawinsg so that the install and placement are correct to
Fully benefit from the technology.

Definition of a smart home
Is building automation called a smart home. It involves the control and automation of lighting, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
and thermostats, as well as security to include locks, cameras, motion sensors and alarms. Home appliances such as refridgerators, washers and dryers and tv’s and stereos are playing
an increasingly importanat role. Wi-fi is generally used as a monitoringand controling tool that can be accessed from inside the house and through the internet from afar.
These systems are best planned from the beginning -starting with the electrical and plumbing plan to accommodate specialized switches and sensors to ensure complete interface
with a wall mounted terminal and eaccessed by smart phone or tablet to make changes

Set thermostats by room with either central or split ac’s/ by use of smart ac or a thermostat device
Open and close shades or curtains- for ease, security or to cool down the space
Lighting controls for visual effect or security
Alarms, smoke alarms, carbon dioxide and cameras activated by motion senso, timerr or by program
Locks activate by fingerprint or with camera link and buzzer release
Music and wifi controled by smart devices
Other incredible added conveniances are in kitchen and maintenance areas.

New appliances pave the way for more energy efficiency with life style improvements
Digital Assistants- Alexa, Echo or with video-Echo Show
Smart Refridgerators-usually contain multi doors to allow the visial of the food insode without opening and smaller doors to access most used items, saving electricty
Smart Washer Dryers- App allows starting and paucsing , and alerts when wash is complete
Smart Ovens-Can turn on and adjust and turn off temperature, additionally some have meat probes to make this process more symbiotic.
Smart coffeenmakers, ice makers, bake pro, drink pro and the list goes on.

Green Design & Building

We look to minimize the impact of our builds and encourage clients to explore some options to lessen their buildings resources footprint. Whether wantiing to use less reources
or to be a LEED certified project we may plan and support the process through smart design and planning from the beginning.

The objectiv of green building is to reduce the overall impact on human health and the natural environment by
Efficiently using energy, water and other resources
Protecting occupant health
Reducing wast and pollution
Minimize utility costs through alternative resources
Utilize locall building materials
Materials Efficiency
Water Efficiency
Site and structure Design efficiency
Operations and Maintenance Optimaization